Founded in 1994 as a specialist engineering consultancy, YTEK has a long history in the provision of engineering and scientific services to the Australian aerospace, renewable energy and automotive industries, the defence science and technology sector and the Australian defence forces.

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What we do

YTEK is a specialist, niche systems integrator, with expertise in modelling and simulation (M&S), computational intelligence (CI) and high performance computing (HPC), and is a developer and distributor of innovative, advanced M&S, training, analysis and niche software solutions for standalone, networked and cloud based environments.

YTEK invests in the advancement of technology to create solutions ranging from process automation through to trusted, discreet autonomous systems.


YTEK is the exclusive Australian value-added reseller (VAR) for MASA Group and PITCH Technologies, and sells and supports Artificial-Intelligence-driven MASA SWORD wargaming solution and the world leading MASA Direct AI IDE, and PITCH Technologies’ interoperability products, and is the exclusive world-wide distributor of ADGESIM.

Products Overview


At YTEK we believe in investing heavily in innovation and the conception of unique technologies in order to create capital value. We believe the future will be increasingly dominated by technology that couples human and machine through the application of machine intelligence to augment the human operator functionally and cognitively, and our vision is to be a forerunner in this field.

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