The disruptive computer generated forces for training and design. Simulate high fidelity tactical situations for LVC experimentation and exercises with the best of simulation and TDL interoperability standards.

  • Joint, tactical level simulation using advanced CGF and native TDL capability for LVC Exercises, Training, Research or Experimentation

  • Breakthrough GUI for low overhead operation

  • Customisable and extensible through end-user plug-ins


Scenario Player

  • High fidelity and proven simulation engine
  • Execution control (Play, pause, stop, step by step, fast forward)
  • Timeline displaying all simulated events
  • Tactical 2D and 3D views, maps of unlimited extension and resolution
  • Connection to HLA or DIS federation with advanced filtering options

Scenario Designer

  • Create advanced scenario with high number of air, land, navy and civilian entities
  • Select and import mapping and elevation files from GIS or simulation database formats
  • Define initial state of platforms, equipment and behaviours
  • Interactive edition of tactical situation and scenario preview
  • Gant view for precise adjustment and visualisation of scenario timing

Platform Architect

  • Creation/edition of new platforms and equipment types (sensors, EW, TDL communication, navigation)
  • Management of platforms appearances based on their states or events
  • Built-in library of platforms, models and equipment
  • Design user specific platforms by assembling existing equipment and tuning platforms settings

Scenario Analysis

  • Automatic execution of sequence of scenarios (batch mode)
  • Record and log simulation results for each execution

SDK for Developer

  • Service oriented architecture
  • Fully documented C# API with tutorials and samples
  • Plug-ins development to customise DirectCGF GUI
  • Development of new numerical models or behaviours
  • Compatible with Microsoft VisualStudio 2010 and 2013


  • Multiple services set up
  • Fully dockable graphical user interface supporting multiple screens
  • Support of all major formats and standard for 3D models, raster images, elevation grids
  • Worldwide database for air navigation (NDaB, TACAN, ILS, VOR)
  • Storage of all configuration, scenario and platforms data in XML
  • Compatible with Windows Seven and Windows 8





Simulation Interoperability

  • Compliant with HLA 1.3 and 1516 standards and various versions of RPR FOM (Including V2), DIS 1995, 1998, 2012
  • Advanced filtering options on DIS and HLA messages
  • Control publish/subscribe per message/interaction
  • Enhance capabilities of remote entities with DirectCGF equipments and models
  • Support ownership transfer, dead reckoning and aggregation dis-aggregation patterns

A scalable catalogue of platforms and features for a wide range of operational environments including:


Tactical Data Links services

  • PPLI / Blue force tracking
  • Resources monitoring
  • Tracks detection, correlation and transmission

Entity control

  • Mission assignment (MAD)
  • Transmission of mark point, pointers, free text messages
  • Threat warning

Tactical Data Links implementation

  • Generic messages format and rules (LX)
  • Compliant to TDL STANAG / MILSTD (L16 / JREAP, L11, L22, VMF and SIMPLE)
  • Automatic behaviours triggered by tactical messages exchanges
  • Interoperability with reasoning time messaging systems (CBML)