Make your systems work together

  • Interoperability through Open Standards

    Our products enable you to make systems work together using open international standards.

  • Simulation in the Cloud and M&S as a Service

    Use our products locally within your organisation or to deliver Simulation in the Cloud and Modeling and Simulation as a Service (MSaaS).

  • Performance, Robustness and Ease-of-use

    Our products are designed to deliver maximum performance, robustness and ease-of-use.

Infrastructure Products

Build a simulation infrastructure on your local area network or across several sites with our infrastructure products.

Pitch pRTI
An infrastructure that implements the full set of simulation services according to the HLA standard

Pitch Booster
Build a seamless Cloud across multiple sites and support HLA and DIS

Pitch Commander
Monitor and control simulations and networks on LAN, WAN and Cloud

Pitch Extender
Connect two federations into one

Pitch DIS Adapter
Connect HLA systems and DIS systems

Development Products

Develop new systems or or adapt existing systems to work together using open international standards

Pitch Visual OMT
Develop HLA Federation Object Models for any domain

Pitch Developer Studio
Generate royalty-free C++ and Java code that makes your system work together

Run-time Products

Efficient tools to use when your systems work together. Works for many types of simulation.

Pitch Recorder
Record, inspect and play back HLA, DIS, Link16 and other data

Pitch Talk
Talk and chat across simulation networks

Pitch GE Adapter
Visualise your simulation in the Google Earth application