• Services

    Provider of engineering and scientific services in a range of disciplines within various defence and industry sectors, including specialist software development and integration.

  • Products

    YTEK distributes and supports state-of-the-art solutions developed internally as well as sourced from world leading suppliers.

  • Innovation

    Innovation is fundamental to our business. YTEK hosts a significant R&D activity portfolio involving cooperative work with industry and academic partners.

YTEK is an Australian-based company that provides a range of software services and solutions, with a focus on the simulation and training market.

At YTEK we believe in constant innovation and resourceful, low-cost solutions that make the most of advancing COTS technology. Our technical knowledge, experience in distributed virtual simulation products, and expertise in software development, ensure leading edge, realistic, and effective solutions to meet your needs.

YTEK’s track record of software research, design, development, and maintenance is embodied in our ADGESIM Suite of applications – a comprehensive set of applications developed in partnership with the Advanced Distributed Simulation Lab (ADSL) at Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Organization (DSTO) for the training of Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Air-Defence officers.

Versions of ADGESIM are currently deployed with the RAAF School of Aviation Warfare (SAW), and the RAAF Surveillance and Control Training Unit (SACTU).

YTEK’s unambiguous objective is to make resourceful use of latest technology in the rapid production of software that satisfies our customers’ evolving needs, and to furnish solutions that are able to challenge and replace more expensive, traditional solutions that demand greater support and higher investments.

Above all YTEK solutions aim to be:

  • innovative
  • low cost and maintainable
  • easily deployable and scalable