YTEK invests in innovation

At YTEK we believe in investing heavily in innovation and the development of unique solutions in order to create capital value.
“Our vision is that of a future increasingly dominated by the coupling of human and machine intelligence…and we invest in continuous innovation to create solutions applying from process automation through to discrete, trusted autonomy solutions.”Richard Yanieri, CEO
We believe the future will be increasingly dominated by technology that couples human and machine through the application of machine intelligence to augment the human operator functionally and cognitively, and our vision is to be a leader in this field.

We aim to apply this philosophy in our historical areas of expertise to create and provide breakthrough products to realize our vision and to deliver new levels of trusted automation and productivity.

We pursue our vision by applying ourselves to the development of concepts and products in the spectrum ranging from automation through to trusted autonomy.

YTEK has a significant history of collaboration with academia and industry in the development of complex solutions, such as:

  • ExTrace – Automated training performance review and debriefing tool using Computational Intelligence (Partner: YTEK, Deakin University IISRI and Deakin University SOM)
  • HALCYON CFD – Disruptive, new generation Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation (Partners: YTEK and Woven Logic)
  • 3OC – Robust, instructable, autonomous platforms (Internal R&D)