An Integrated suite of applications that support battle simulation

ADGESIM is an integrated suite of software tools that enables aerospace battle management training to be planned, executed and evaluated to achieve individual and command team training and facilitate the measurement of organisational proficiency.

  • Interoperable, modular and versatile

  • Populate your synthetic environment with entities

  • Record and review training scenarios

Network-reliant organizations need to ensure that the human element of warfare and the sharing of intent are central to their training and evaluation processes.

ADEGSIM offers a suite of tools to simulate aerospace environments, to stimulate C2 training infrastructure, and to facilitate replay and debriefing of exercise participants.

In addition to its training function ADGESIM has proven to be a flexible and effective tool set to support experimentation and war gaming. Components of ADGESIM have been deployed to assist coalition force experimentation events such as PacLink 1 and 2, between Australian and US forces.

ADGESIM is a modular application suite that is also adaptable to Maritime, Land and Space environments, and individual components may be employed separately to complement existing simulators.

We invite you to look at each application and consider its benefits.

Populate your synthetic environment with large numbers of entities to replicate real air traffic patterns. SimMan can manage schedules of airborne or surface entity movements, either designed manually or automatically generated from Flight Notification Messages, to accurately represent real world traffic patterns for wide area surveillance training.

PSI – Pilot Simulator Interface
Create and control entities in your synthetic environment to replicate air, land and sea operations, tactics and weapons.

PSI provides instructors with the ability to task and manoeuvre multiple four-ship fighter formations. Realistic mission system processes such as search, targeting, weapons employment, threat avoidance and fuel management can be easily controlled for multiple aircraft.


GATEWAY SensorLink is a gateway between your synthetic environment and real world C4I and datalink systems with sensor and track data. SensorLink can model coverage limitations of fixed and mobile radar platforms, integrated ATC networks and data link agencies to provide realistic or intentionally degraded battle space situational awareness.

TAARDIS – After action review suite
Record and review your training events including scenario data, voice, training and assessment data and C4I system data for synchronised playback.

Versatile and scalable DIS-based network communications capability with adaptive GUI, pseudo-crypto radios with realistic tones and interfaces to communications hardware networks.

WorldView – 3D visualization tool
Visualise scenarios and other training events in your synthetic environment.

DISVOX Interface

DISVOX – Dis Voice Communications

PSI Interface

PSI – Pilot Simulator Interface

TAARDIS Interface

TAARDIS – After action review suite