MASA SWORD is a complete wargame solution with automated forces for high-level training and analysis

  • Advanced Simulation

    Featuring a high level of realism, with automated forces adapted to your doctrine

  • Complete and Versatile

    Extensive out of the box content which includes a large software suite

  • Cost effective

    Easy to deploying lightweight which is intuitive to operate and designed as a COTS ready product

MASA Sword is complete solution for multi-level training for corps, brigade, battalion commanders and/or emergency management. It is designed as a fully customisable simulation environment in which the specific ORBAT, equipment tables or doctrine models can be applied. Cutting edge CGF and doctrine-compliant intelligent automation enhances the realism while allowing human controller to fully focus on their core role.

MASA Sword is a light yet powerful simulation engine in which thousands of units can be run on a single laptop. It can generate accurate clear representations of all aspects of the battlefield, objects, and phenomena such as natural disasters as well as human factors. It has a scalable and open architecture, which includes the use of terrain, API’s and communication protocols.