Automated training assessment and reporting solution for rapid after action review, visualisation and performance trend discovery — for instructors, students, training institutions, simulator system providers, and researchers working in data-rich simulation environments.

  • Save Time, Effort and Increase ROI

    • Reduce Training Overhead
    • Swift, objective and auditable performance analysis
    • Auto context-labelling of data for visualisation and query by mining

  • Improve Training Outcomes

    • Deliver assured doctrine-compliant assessment and standardised scoring
    • Relieve instructor “cognitive load” for improved assessment depth and quality
    • Capture instructor expertise into approved scenarios for assured training consistency

  • Customise to Your Needs

    • While-Label solution
    • Simulator-agnostic, multi-domain use in full or part task training

ExTrace Diagramatic Overview

ExTrace© reduces human operator cognitive load and provides objective assessments to eliminate instructor bias and improve assessment outcomes via an immediately available, visual performance report.

ExTrace© allows instructors to capture domain knowledge and define metrics to standardise assessment. These metrics automatically add meaning to training data in real time during a training session. Using simulator data and other data sources (e.g. recorded actions, voice, video), performance is evaluated to produce a repository of precisely labelled results for immediate reporting, or for storage in the cloud to enable data mining and cohort reporting.

ExTrace© allows objective performance comparison of the individual against a defined scenario, the individual against a cohort or the breakdown of data within a cohort related to the student, scenario, class, actions and outcomes. Meaningful data can then be used to discover enterprise cost savings and improvements to training quality and effectiveness. Support for methodical and intuition based data discovery can be used for training doctrine improvement and as the data collection tool for research projects.

Benefits for Simulator Providers
  • Deliver assured doctrine-compliant assessment and standardised scoring
  • Consistently define, structure and add context and meaning to training data
  • Automatically report and log training sessions
  • A sophisticated infrastructure to support meaningful data analytics without need for expensive data collection
  • Cloud storage repository of results for data mining and analysis
  • Instructor-free self-training for higher simulator utilisation
  • Adds value to existing simulation assets by providing measurable return-on-investment data
Benefits for Training Institutions
  • Capture instructor expertise into approved scenarios for assured and unbiased training consistency
  • Reduce cognitive load and increase training depth
  • Produce instant feedback to support training debrief
  • Drastically reduce simulation-training overhead costs
  • Facilitate trainee self-evaluation against past performance, peer or expert cohorts
  • Easily review training effectiveness to discover strengths and weaknesses
  • Automatically create meaningful, context-tagged data for data mining and visualisation

ExTrace© is 100% Australian owned technology, and product of 10 years of multidisciplinary R&D by YTEK in the fields of simulation-based training, human-machine systems, human factors, and data science.